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When couples learn to move together as one marriages are stronger. Bob and Roxann Andersen dance together in this vital book about the give and take of marriage. You will learn how two partners in different roles can become one strong, beautiful team. One leads, the other follows, and the result is poetic and powerful. Your marriage will find new spiritual depth through trust, faith, and forgiveness. The Marriage Dance mirrors the ultimate dance – a relationship with Christ.

Experience the Dance

Bob and Roxann give dynamic lectures, seminars, and conferences using The Marriage Dance metaphor, teaching couples how to emotionally connect and speak to each other’s hearts by “moving together as one”.

  • Dance is a great metaphor for the relationship between a husband and wife. Part of what I learned is that a leader must have a solid frame—and that a good follower cannot be a ‘wet noodle.’ Both must be strong. At home, this means that I must step up and take responsibility as a leader. At work, as an associate pastor, it helps me understand how I can better serve our pastor.

    Michael Pierpoint - Associate Pastor Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church; Riverside, CA
  • This seminar exceeded my expectations. Bob and Roxann have seized upon a beautiful metaphor for the marriage relationship and developed it to highlight the beauty, grace and oneness of marriage. We have continued what we learned and practiced during the seminar. The companion workbook has served as a refresher and guide as we continue to learn not only to work together but more importantly to speak to one another’s heart.

    Dave Worth - Event Planner Antelope Springs Church; Roseville, CA
  • We had been working on our marriage for many years and already felt we had a good relationship. We came to this class to learn a few new things. The Marriage Dance took us to a whole new level. Even if you think you have the perfect marriage, we encourage you to attend.

    Grant and Irina Gyulnazaryan - Seminar Attendees
  • The seminar asked questions of me that no one had asked before (such as, "even though you believe a certain principle in God's word, are you living as if it was not true?"). I was forced to examine my own heart and my emotional presuppositions, and even though that was a somewhat threatening task, it was the first step toward a healing experience in that area.

    Chris Crossan - Pastor Bethany Church; Sierra Madre, CA

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