Our Story

She took ballet and went to social dances. He hid under the desk so he wouldn’t have to dance with a girl. She likes words. He likes numbers. She communicates with stories. He didn’t talk until he was four. She’s romantic. He gave her a high-quality flashlight for Mother’s Day. She dances gracefully, and he–strategically. How do you get two people who are so different to move together as one?

Bob and Roxann have been married for over 40 years and have three grown daughters and four grandsons. Bob is an attorney with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies. Roxann is a “career wife and mother” who has also been a classroom teacher and an education consultant. Over the last decade, they have immersed themselves in learning how to make marriages better. Bob and Roxann have spoken at Christian conventions, workshops, and special events at churches.

When they looked at their own even-keeled, productive marriage, they assumed this was everything a marriage could be. An advanced marriage seminar opened their eyes to the underlying problems that prevented openness in their relationship and taught them the joy of connecting at a heart level. A subsequent ballroom dance class uncovered the metaphor of dance as well as a clearer perspective on the biblical principles of Christian marriage.