Transform Your Marriage

Bob and Roxann believe a strong, harmonious marriage is a gift from God, and they want to see you and your spouse enjoy that gift.

They weave the lessons they have cultivated from their 39 year marriage into a lovely metaphor of learning how to dance together, discovering how to lead with strength and follow with grace and competence.

They’ve also written the free ebook, How To Resolve Conflicts In Your Marriage: A Mediator Gives You 5 Practical Steps. You can download this handy resource to help you and your spouse find solutions to the disagreements in your marriage that cause strife. Make your marriage dance today!

About the Book

In The Marriage Dance, Bob and Roxann show you how to connect with your spouse at a heart level and get past persistent personal problems that blockade relationships. Using the principles of ballroom dancing, The Marriage Dance gives you a new perspective on the Biblical principles of marriage and can help ordinary, boring, or even discordant partners become intimate, cooperative soulmates. Discover the pure delight of moving together as one.

About the Workbook

The Marriage Dance: Practice the Steps is the companion workbook to The Marriage Dance: Moving Together As One. The workbook continues the metaphor of ballroom dance and helps  you reach a deeper level of intimacy with your spouse. Perfect for small group studies. Subjects include why differences help rather than hurt your marriage, emotional intimacy, leading and following, and relationship blockers that get in the way of having a great marriage.

What people say about the Marriage Dance…

  • I love this book! I have read multitudes of marriage books but not many have covered the depth and width of a relationship like this one. This book touched on all areas of marriage and teaches you how to stay connected and intimate. The eloquent writing style and universal comparison to dance make this an easy and enjoyable read. I also appreciated that the book was based on a solid foundation of principles... If you are serious about having a great marriage, this is a book written especially for you.

    Cathey Armillas
  • Coming from some experience in Marriage and Family Therapy, I am familiar with the metaphor of dance used to describe the marriage relationship. The authors of The Marriage Dance take the metaphor to a much higher level than I have seen before. It is woven throughout their whole book. They blend their own personal experience with both dance and marriage in this helpful book. They are honest about their journey in discovering and utilizing their strengths in becoming not only an effective team, but two individuals deeply caring for each other and melding into one.

    Ron Daley