Experience the Dance

You and your spouse are different.
Do you consider those differences in your marriage a burden or a strength?

The Marriage Dance seminars are designed to give you a new perspective on the biblical principles of marriage. Using the principles of ballroom dance, you will receive real life examples of why cooperative tension can be used to your advantage, how to eliminate your baggage in order to really dance, and much more. Learn how the things that bother you can actually make you a stronger team.

Transform Your Marriage

Whether you feel your marriage is strong, boring, or in serious distress, The Marriage Dance is designed to give you the fine-tuning, maintenance, or overhaul all marriages need. The Marriage Dance is offered as a live conference as well as an interactive training session.

Customize Your Experience

The Marriage Dance seminar can be given in its entirety or you may select one or more of these options that best suit your group:

Embrace Your Differences

Discover why your annoying differences actually help you move together as one.

 Connect the Partners

Get past the surface chatter and learn how to speak to your spouse’s heart.

 Relationship Blockers

The problems that keep tripping you up are interfering with your marriage dance. Get to the source of the problem so you can stop stepping on each other’s toes.

 Lead with Confidence

Learn how to be a strong but gentle leader—the kind your wife wants to follow.

 Follow with Strength

Become a strong, competent follower—and the most important person in your husband’s life.

Resolve Conflict in Marriage

These five practical steps will help you find a win-win solution.

Call us to customize The Marriage Dance seminar for your own church, organization, or small group.

What people are saying about The Marriage Dance seminars…

  • This seminar exceeded my expectations. Bob and Roxann have seized upon a beautiful metaphor for the marriage relationship and developed it to highlight the beauty, grace and oneness of marriage. We have continued what we learned and practiced during the seminar. The companion workbook has served as a refresher and guide as we continue to learn not only to work together but more importantly to speak to one another’s heart.

    Dave Worth - Event Planner Antelope Springs Church; Roseville, CA
  • We had been working on our marriage for many years and already felt we had a good relationship. We came to this class to learn a few new things. The Marriage Dance took us to a whole new level. Even if you think you have the perfect marriage, we encourage you to attend.

    Grant and Irina Gyulnazaryan - Seminar Attendees
  • The seminar asked questions of me that no one had asked before (such as, "even though you believe a certain principle in God's word, are you living as if it was not true?"). I was forced to examine my own heart and my emotional presuppositions, and even though that was a somewhat threatening task, it was the first step toward a healing experience in that area.

    Chris Crossan - Pastor Bethany Church; Sierra Madre, CA
  • On more than one occasion since the seminar, I have overheard attendees share with others what they learned. It has been a joy to hear how they have been impacted and also to see them share that influence with others.

    Bryce Naylor - Associate Pastor Hope Now Bible Church; Fresno, CA
  • We really enjoyed the Marriage Dance Seminar. Bob and Roxann presented their materials in a thoughtful and organized fashion. They were also fun and entertaining! We appreciated their insight and wisdom.

    Craig & Nadia Philips Seminar Attendees
  • Forty people from our church spent an incredible day at The Marriage Dance Conference. We were encouraged, challenged, and deeply blessed! I highly recommend the book, The Marriage Dance.

    Cindy Stipp Seminar Attendee
  • Bob and Roxann have a refreshing insight into what it takes to have a satisfying and lasting marriage. We thoroughly enjoyed their team teaching approach with Bob’s practical perspective and Roxann’s fun and interesting storytelling.

    Kevin and Mary Lathrop Seminar Attendees