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I had the pleasure of speaking to a ladies’ group on “Following with Strength.” I acknowledged that many women are frustrated with their husbands because they refuse to lead. But when their husbands try to lead, they commonly correct them, take the lead back, or even laugh with their friends about what a bad job their husband did.

I pointed out that if you want your husband to be a confident leader, you really have to let him lead—even if he makes a mistake. I thought the talk went well until I began chatting with the ladies and answering their questions. The gist of many of the questions went something like this: “I want my husband to lead, but he’s not leading me where I want to go.”  I don’t think women see the irony of that statement.

If you are a lady reading this entry, are you willing to follow—even if your husband leads somewhere you don’t want to go? If you aren’t willing to give him the freedom to try—and fail—and try again, he’ll never learn to lead well.

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