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I watched the news reports on the Hollywood and Washington D.C. sex scandals and got sadder and sadder. Celebrities and lawmakers wrongly used their power to push others around and gratify themselves. This was never the way God intended for men (or women, for that matter) to use their power.

I wanted to say something—but what? My post kept changing. The media relished telling about the wrong-doing. Amid the upheaval, I read a spoof about Tom Hanks on Facebook. It used the language of the sex scandal reports—but it said the opposite. It talked about actresses coming forward and revealing what a decent human being Tom Hanks was and how well he had treated them. He reportedly offered one actress half his sandwich when the food supply ran low. He honored another on her birthday with an impromptu song and dance routine. He regularly insisted on helping the crew clean up their equipment after shoots. It made me happy. It made me want to go out and pay full price to see his upcoming movies.

Then I knew what I wanted to say. Our four grandsons are becoming young men. Each year they are gaining more power. They must choose how they will use it. Will they arrogantly and selfishly think of themselves—even if it means using others? Or will they sacrifice for others, love others, serve others?

This is a call for husbands, sons, grandsons to step up—to be more Tom Hanksish and less Harvey Weinsteinish. To think of others before self. To act like men as God intended. To use the power God placed in you. And ladies, now is the time to use our power to inspire our sons and grandsons and to cheer our husbands on when they use their power for good. What can you do today to use the power God has given you to serve and inspire?

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