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Do you think rebellion won’t destroy your marriage? Guess again. What exactly is rebellion? A rebellious person is one who sets himself up as his own authority and thinks the laws don’t apply to him. It can put a spouse on edge or cause them to live in a state of fear or insecurity.

The bottom line is this: when you rebel against authority, you rebel against God. Click over to our blog to watch our short video (2:17min) on the topic. Do you need to work on this in your life or know someone who does? We cover this topic in much greater depth in our book The Marriage Dance: Moving Together As Oneas well as providing a place for you to work through this in the companion workbook, The Marriage Dance Companion Workbook: Practice the Steps. We can explain the problem, but we can’t fix it. That’s between you and God. But we guarantee that if you work on it you can make your marriage dance again.


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