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We’ve been talking over the past several weeks about how sin gets in the way of relationship with our spouse, and all our relationships, really. So how does it work with hypocrisy? First, we need to understand what hypocrisy is. It can be blatant, such as pretending you’re someone you’re not or exaggerating who you are and what you can do. Or it can be more hidden, such as covering something about yourself up and not allowing people to know who you really are.

Do you think hypocrisy could destroy your marriage? Well, even Jesus had something to say about it. In Matthew 23 he says, “Woe to you, hypocrites.” If you are always hiding, you are never fully known, nor are you fully loved. If you can’t be “naked and unashamed” with your spouse, what are they loving? Only the false front you’ve been willing to show them, right?

So what is the solution? Watch our short video to hear our suggestions on dealing with hypocrisy in your marriage. We want to help you work through hypocrisy and other issues. Just click through to our blog to view it. As a next step if you’re ready to experience freedom in yourself and with your spouse, purchase our book, The Marriage Dance: Moving Together As Oneand companion workbook, The Marriage Dance Workbook: Practice the Steps. These resources will help you do just that!

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