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Sexual sins will destroy your marriage. Deviating from God’s plan is always a bad idea. We used to know that, but now we think God is old-fashioned and irrelevant. We think we know better. And we’ve gotten ourselves into a pretty bad fix and don’t know why.

Sexual sin can be defined as participating in sexual activities in ways that distort God’s design of one man and one woman becoming intimately and emotionally connected and physically one flesh. Sexual sin can manifest in many ways, such as sex before marriage, using porn to enhance sex, open marriage, and infidelity. When you deviate from God’s plan for marriage, problems develop.

In today’s video on the blog we discuss the solutions to this risky and complex problem. We also cover sexual sins as well as the other five sins in this series in our book, The Marriage Dance: Moving Together As Oneand the companion workbook, The Marriage Dance Workbook: Practice the Steps. Click over to the links to these resources if you are serious about getting rid of the roadblocks that keep throwing a kink into your marriage relationship. We want to help you make your marriage dance.

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