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I grew up in a non-Christian, somewhat chaotic family. When I started attending church, I met a little boy named Chuckie in my Sunday School class. Chuckie talked about his family with such love that I began keeping a close eye on them. They respected each other. The loved each other. They had fun together. And from a young age, I made up my mind that that was the kind of family I wanted. The beauty of Chuckie and his family was a major force in drawing me to Christ.

At a fundamental level, people want to be loved deeply by their family. They want harmony and stability. They want long-term commitment and the security of knowing that when difficulties come, they have a life partner who will help them work through the problems. Because this is sadly missing in so many families around us, it gives fully-united Christian couples a chance to shine more brightly in a dark world.

That solid family starts with you. What makes you “shine”? An overriding love for your spouse even when you are irritated with them? Joy even during troubled times? Peace in the face of crisis? Patience with difficult people? Kindness to those around you?

And, when you and your spouse unite as a team to exhibit these qualities, you can make an impact. What are you doing to make sure you are outstanding teammates? Do you pray together on a regular basis? Read the Bible and discuss it? Make time alone for a regular date night? Seek discussion topics that help you understand your mate at a deeper level? Those disciplines will likely produce a united team that makes people thirsty in a good sort of way—in the way I envied Chuckie’s family and wanted to emulate it.

There is so much darkness and uncertainty around us. Since the COVID pandemic started, calls to suicide hotlines have increased 600%. Alcoholism, porn addiction, and abuse rates have all skyrocketed. People are lonely and anxious. May I promise you that a Christian couple, holding on to God and each other will stand out like a beacon? You will have opportunities to bring hope. People will be drawn to you and to your Christ.

Discipline yourself to regularly practice the things that will enhance your marriage. Get out the polishing cloth. Start removing the tarnish. Now is your time to shine.

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