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I give full credit to marriage expert John Gottman for this idea. He says whenever you leave your partner or return to them, take time to give them a six-second kiss. Why six seconds? I don’t know. But it makes a statement. It’s magic!

Do you want to say, “I’m going to miss you while I’m at work,” or “I was thinking about you while I was out running errands”? Give your partner a Six-Second Kiss.

Are you feeling a little grumpy toward your spouse? Be purposeful. Initiate a Six-Second Kiss. It will help you redirect your mood.

Tell your partner with your kiss, “I want to connect with you right now.” Let it be a reminder to yourself that there is a special person you want to stay connected to.

It’s fun. It’s a tease. It shakes you out of the hum-drum of life.

It’s not an invitation to make love. But it’s more than a routine peck. I know it makes me feel noticed, thought about, cared for, cherished. I hope it makes my spouse feel the same way.

You may have been saying, “We don’t have time for a regular date night,” or, “We don’t have time to get away for a weekend by ourselves.” But don’t tell me you can’t find six seconds to kiss the one you love! And the benefits will surprise and please you. It’s magical!

May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth. – Proverbs 5:18

This post was originally published on The Marriage Dance blog on September 12, 2019.


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